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On June 29, Sprint sent letters to more than 1,000 subscribers, saying their service had been terminated because of their excessive calls to customer service. Shortly thereafter, Sprint launched unlimited data plans, one of the key reasons our family has remained loyal” over the years. And there are plenty of posts on message boards and forums about AT&T customers reporting bad service. And I again had the Sprint store representative explicitly confirm that the above important features would still be present on my new plan.

This might sting, from a PR standpoint, for a short time, but in the long run everyone; customer, company and investors will benefit. While some of you even praised Sprint's customer service for being active listeners and understanding when it came to problems, the real issue with Sprint is infrastructure.

This action can be considered the antithesis of what customer service should be. Sprint will (and I do stress will) lose more than the 1000 customers they turfed on their own. The store technician, however, accidentally applied Almitra's number to the man's phone, stripping Almitra's phone of its service.

When we spoke with Allan Samson, Sprint's vice president of acquisition marketing, he pushed the point that Sprint is the price leader.” True, Sprint does offer less expensive plans than the other three major providers ( Verizon , AT&T and T-Mobile ). But touting low prices only works in comparison with those companies, as Sprint still charges more than budget carriers like MetroPCS.

Sprint is also known for offering discounted leases on the latest premium phones, with the condition that customers commit to staying with the company for the duration of the lease. Please forward this to the Sprint security department - Over the weekend our CEO's wife received a call on her company cell phone from telephone number 336-755-9006 which is a number assigned by Sprint.

For most plans, you can enjoy up to 3GB of high-speed data before speeds are throttled to 2G speeds. The customer service includes longer than normal wait times, rude representatives, and managers who can't really do much but say they will, to which nothing happens.

At the end of my now hour-long phone call, I asked Robert how I could register my extreme dissatisfaction with Sprint's service, and in the monotone, robotic voice of someone who had explained the answer thousands of times, he suggested I e-mail the corporate office via "dub dub dub dot sprint dot com." When he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me today, I laughed out loud and struggled to restrain myself from saying anything other than a pleasant good-bye.

Agent never told me the plan was for a limited time. In general, Sprint and U.S. Cellular's contract plans are comparable, and in the case of its unlimited data plans, Sprint is actually cheaper. Verizon was the worst, both in customer service and in nearly non-useable service with 25% dropped calls.

The sale rep told me I could start that day, they would give us temporary phones and our iPhone 7 pluses would be in the store cellphone in 2 weeks. I am very very very very disappointed with the sprint customer service. Inquiring about if Sprint has a plan matching T-Mobile for age 55 and older, two lines at TOTAL COST INCLUDING TAXES AND ALL FEES of $60.

You found the Sprint customer service contacts on my consumer advocacy site and sent a brief, polite email to them. An industry watchdog has told Sprint to stop bashing Verizon's "unlimited" data offering. I have not been able to payoff my devices because telephone and I store representatives would not accept the payment.

In PC Magazine's 2018 " Fastest Mobile Networks " study, Sprint's network was near the bottom for national download speed averages. I hope you only plan to manage sprint on your phone, because if you use the web, the database either gets constantly compromised or fails.

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